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Why don't people like Israel?

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I've just read this article:
I think its shocking that anyone can still hate Jews after what happened in WW2. But they say history repeats itself. Why don't people like Israel? Is the whole world becoming anti-Semitic?

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Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
because it defends itself against terrorists, which is again UN's unique human rights law. despite jews respecting and welcoming every ethnicity and religion, we are still seen as bad people. i do not understand that since israel and jews have never harmed anyone else. regardless of who hates israel, the safety of its citizens and jews comes first. as long as there are no military provocations from other countries, there should not be any worries. but remember the christian bible says that israel will soon be a victim of the entire world. read zechariah 12 and 14 and isaiah 19.
Answer by xXxRaybabeXxX
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
To answer you, its because they have been brainwashed into believing that Israel must be hated.Israel is not the cause of the hate.One of the most meaningful gauges of the ideology and aspirations of a people is the education of its youth. For this reason, the new Palestinian Authority schoolbooks, introduced in the end of 2006 by the Palestinian Authority (PA) Ministry of Higher Education apparatus, are a continuation of the tragic disappointment of the earlier books. Instead of seizing the opportunity to educate future generations to live with Israel in peace, the PA schoolbooks glorify terror and teach their children to hate Israel, vilify Israel's existence and define the battle with Israel as an uncompromising religious war. Instead of working to minimize the current hate, the new PA curriculum is ingraining it into the next generationเน‚ย
Answer by ohohothisrocks
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
so the whole world is Anti-Semitic? one question if the world is....then what are you going to do about it? well one thing is for sure if Israel continues to do as it pleases like it had for the last decades more Ahmadinejads would spring up left and right and not just from the middle east. I think if Israel fixes the Palestinian conflict it would certainly help. no one wants to visit a country who is going thought what Israel is going through and just on the other side of the wall we have worlds most biggest concentration camp. and i said concentration camp not an execution camp. i would love to see Jews and Arabs getting along with each other just like they have for hundreds of years. if Muslims from 1000 years ago respected the Jews to a certain degree while the Christians where killing them left and right then there is still hope.
Answer by oOFamousLastWordsOo
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
Do you choose your friends for the degree of suffering they have experienced in life? That is a strange criteria. Most people I know admire many of the accomplishments and contributions of Jewish people to any society in which they live. Most people I know, including a great many American Jews turned sour on Israel when they learned of some of her harder tactics toward the indigenous people of her land. You might read Robert Fisk's Pity the Nation, or Thomas Friedman's From Beiruit to Jerusalem to learn about what became of Israel in the early eighties. People who loved Israel, with pride and support were horrified by the massacres of Sabra and Shatila. Do not make the mistake of believing that the modern state of Israel is the best representative of Judaism as a religion or as an ethnicity. Not all Jews approve of Israel's actions. Not all Israeli Jews approve of Israel's actions. Not all Israelis are Jewish. Modern Israel does not conduct itself according to Jewish values, religious or secularized. Israel is does bad things. Judaism is a good religion. People come in all variations and degrees of good and bad and indifferent. Most people who dislike what Israel does do not wish to see it pushed into the sea. I would like to see it survive as a modern secular single state with freedom of religion for all and no special privileges for any particular religious or ethnic group. Israel alone tries to maintain a racist state, and it is not working very well. Secular single state solution in Israel/Palestine will go a long way toward peace in the entire middle east.
Answer by cocoloco4922
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
Oh poor, you really got me crying. I feel so sorry for you guys. I promise after knowing this i wont hate Israel no matter what it does. I promise. take care shalom
Answer by heavyartilery12
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
Because escaping the horrors of the Nazis is not a justification for the murder, expulsion and occupation of another, guiltless, people! WW2 was tragedy for many people and nations, yet people can criticize and hate them if they do wrong.
Answer by etuoyo
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
People don't hate Jews, they hate zionists! For all the subjugation and bullying. You are the world's biggest bully ! This time last year there was a massacre. Over 1000 sorties flown. Not one aircraft damaged since Palestine has no air defences. God knows how many tons of munitions dropped. Palestine is denied building materials, fre2e trade, freedom of movement. Their economy has been systematically crippled. Those are just a few of the reasons why you are disliked so intensely. Not Jews, zionists. Some people might blur the distinction. If you zionists started to behave like decent human beings, the rest of the world might treat you as such. Most people when they experience great suffering, they become more attuned to the suffering of others. In the case of zionists, it seems to b1e quit1e the opposite. The suffering endured by Jews does not give zionists carte blanche to behave like terrorists. The definition of terrorism, harming civilians to further political aims, is met by you zionists.
Answer by heavyartilery12
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
Hard one. Generally I find that the vast majority of people who are against Israel are against them by nature. Meaning that they having couped up their opinions themself, they have been raised that way. So rather than knowledge being aquired themselves, they have just passed down ignorance from generation to generation. I haven't done too much active politics debating lately. But when I went to speakers corner (a place here in the UK where people come to a park to debate issures), I found that ignorance was in abundance. Out of the 20 people there, about 8 of them believed the holocaust was a product of hollywood. And most of them weren't willing to listen to other peoples opinions. The majority of people who thought like that were from arab countries, and to my surprise, a few christian brits. Thankfully though most of them weren't the new generation of people.
Answer by alexspengler
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
dear free israel, you r asking why don't people like israel? it's not easy to love someone trough me out from my own house!
Answer by Punkylolita
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
"Why don't people like Israel? Is the whole world becoming anti-Semitic?" Do not confuse anti-Semitic people, those who hate Jews (while Semitic means actually Hebrews and Arabs and other races or languages), with people who don't like Israel. I'm quite sure many Jews do not like Israel, either. So you can't call 'em "anti-Semitic". "Why don't people like Israel?" Palestinians don't, and they might be right. Israel kicked 'em from their home country. And of course, the other Arab states would do the same. If only Arabs and Jews could live with each other, like they used to do before Israel blew it all up...
Answer by TheSmarsch
Question on : Why don't people like Israel?
Come on. Don't wallow in self-pityness. Israel dont have that kinda bad reputation. See, I think that everyone has a right of freedom and justice. Israel has the right to defend his country but also the duty to respect the rights of the palestines. I'm German. I dont hate Jews. I dont hate other nations or people with different religious backrounds. I just hate everyone who thinks that he can tyrannize other people. I think we just have to differenciate, the country Israel (with its political decisions and stuff) and the confraternity of the Jews are not the same. To think that everyone hates Israel is a one sided view. The problem is that those who do have nothing else to do than to show their hate are pushing semselves into the fore.
Answer by swtsacrifice
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