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Which would you choose - Mac or PC?

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Later on in early 2010, I'm bying a computer. I don't care how expensive or inexpensive it is. But, I hear so many things about Microsoft and so many things about Mac. I think I'm leaning towards a PC (Windows 7), becasue my brother got a PC 2 years ago and it works as if it were new.

Anyway, I looking for someone to be able to tell me in detail why they would prefer a PC over a Mac, or Vice Versa.

Thank you!

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Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
i have gone with mac for my note book due to how window 7 is but for a desktop a pc all the way games ftw :P
Answer by Gabberabit
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
I am a PC all the way like in those Microsoft commercials. Mac quality seem to have slipped in a recent years. My new MacBook Pro which I had for 2 months crash constantly. Photoshop crash on opening. Final Cut Pro crash in about 30 minutes. Word crash randomly with saving. Even build-in applications have issues: Safari sprung a memory leak and crash randomly. QuickTime would crash part way through a movie. TextEdit crash on saving. Many other applications crash or doesn't even work at all. Also, none of my printers work. The beach ball of death constantly appear and disappear in about a minute. Strangely, my old 2007 MacBook Pro rarely crash and works with my printers. That's where the mystery deepens. I took it to an Apple Store. Apple said that the issues is caused by Snow Leopard. They said that Mac OS X Snow Leopard has only been out for 4 months and that they would be releasing patches and fixes in the coming months that would address the issues. For me, though, it is already too late. I have already invested in array of applications that simply wouldn't work with Snow Leopard and require that I pay for upgrades. Results are mixes. Two of my friends said that Snow Leopard significantly increase the performance, while another 3 friends (not including myself) said that their computer slow down and even crash. Not wanting to dig my own grave, I went to pick up an HP Pavilion laptop. It run Windows 7 and is very fast and stable. It is noted that Windows 7 is out for a month and seem to have minimal issue." I spend my $1000 dollars on HP Pavilion dv6t Quad Edition series. The Core i7 in combination with Windows 7 give this beast its strengths. And yes, Internet Explorer is still sluggish. The first thing I did was download Firefox. Other than that, I have experience Zero issue with it.
Answer by infiltratorr
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
I would get a Mac because they are easy to update and you can easily get Microsoft office for it so if you need it you are not giving up on it. Macs are environmentally friendly, everything you need it right on the dock so you don't need to go into the start and try and find it. Macs also have no Virus' so you don't need to keep updating or buying new virus protection. They also have amazing displays/screen that with the new iMac goes beyond HD. iPod are easier to install all you need to do is plug it in. You can get the same apps on them. They already have a webcam built in as well as a great mic for MSN or Skype. In iLife that comes with the mac has all of the programs you need like iTunes, iDVD(to create a full DVD with a great menu and all), iMovie(to create slide shows of photos with your choice of music in them) and more. It also has Photo Booth which is a lot of fun, where you take photos of your self and change them and even change the background where you are. There is no more import photos to movie maker, iMovie finds every photo(using iPhoto) and every piece of music on your right so you just drag them into it. There is a wide range of things to do on a Mac and i never get bored on mine. So if you want a Computer that works go with a MAC!!
Answer by saskame
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
mostly it depends on what you need it for...i have a PC and HATE it. i am getting a mac soon just havent decided when Macs have better graphics and for the most part are faster and easier to use. Macs also are better for iChat and communications. also better with music and pictures. PC's are more for working uses. they are better with word documents and excel spreadsheets. how long your computer lasts doesnt matter on the brand but morely how you treat it. Mac's will get out-dated faster only because the designs change so much but that wont affect how it runs. i would deff go with a mac though.
Answer by tubehax
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
macs are faster and they can't get viruses. Mac's come with a lot of helpful applications that are already predownloaded, Mac's and are good for designers, photographers, etc. Mac's are not good for gaming because most games are for PC. Macs are much more expensive then Pc's, probably 1,000 more dollars. Mac's have more memory and space. Most Mac's come with a built-in webcam. Mac's can download windows, so you can have both in one, if you can't decide. With Mac's you can type in any language, I don't think you can on a PC. Mac's are much more user friendly and much more customization. Pc's can get slow, but are basic, and is very good for gaming because anything can be done on PC, since Pc's have been out longer. PC's are inexpensive. PC's are vulnerable to viruses. It depends, if you like gaming, you do work on it, or just for casual use. If you like gaming- don't get a mac. If you do work on it- mac is best, but Pc works too. Casual use- Either I have a mac, but the problem is that i love gaming, so i'm going to buy windows to download on it, so i can play my games. Mac's are very user friendly, but take some getting used to, overall i would say Mac, because even if you don't like it or whatever, you can download windows on it using a program called Bootcamp, and go from there
Answer by AlwaysThereForYou92
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
I have a PC because it runs the basics well. Mac well its for more of the engineers work. It helps u do more advance things with it But if ur planning to buy a Mac it better be because u going to do some high tech stuff but if not and u buy it u just wasted more money then planned. so here it is in easy English, Mac = Smart geeks and PC= just needs to check emails and look at youtube vids people.
Answer by mriamy
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
If you are into making music or art on a computer, get a Mac. If you want a computer that's easy to navigate, get a Mac. I am a Mac user and whenever I use a PC, I just don't get it, they seem to have unnecessary steps- where Macs are more streamlined. Not to hate on PCs, Macs are just what I'm used to. Hope this helps.
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
Well that is a tough decision. I have always been a PC myself, but I have friends who are in the IT industry (programmers, etc.)...all of which have a Mac as a personal CPU. I guess if the CPU is for business or school, I would stick with a PC since you are probably familiar with it already. But if it is for videos, music and just home fun..I hear the Mac is they way to go. I am basing this on the statement you made about cost not being an issue. If cost was an issue, I would say a PC because it it still a good operating system at a cheaper price tag. Good luck on your decision.
Answer by gamertooth17
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
100% go with a mac. I bought a PC a few years back and it crashed twice in a year and i lost everything on my hard drive. So i switched to a mac (iMac) and have had absolutely no problems at all. Its probably one of the best decisions I ever made. It runs so smoothly and fast. You can do some really awesome things that you cant do on a PC. The only real problem people have with macs is the price and if that doesn't matter for you then it makes a lot of sense.
Answer by DCshirley
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
I don't use my laptop for much besides some light graphics design/editing, internet, and multimedia (iPod transfers, movies and the like), and I've discovered that I prefer Linux over the other two operating systems. It's simple, free, and runs very quickly on my laptop that ran like a glacier on Vista.
Answer by UnitDead
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
I'd definitely get a mac, windows/PCs for me have been unreliable and have gotten MANY more viruses and haven't worked as well as macs. I haven't had a mac but I've used them a good deal and I've found them to work a lot better and hold up better over time. PCs are all different, whereas one may last a while (although 2 years isn't that long) others may not. Macs have been shown to be much more reliable and typically last longer.
Answer by heymoje
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
A mac. 100%. i love it! It has ITunes, IMovie, Photo Booth and more.... It has some of the best features ever. And Awesome Battery Life! I Wld Recommend the Mac. I Have The Macbook PRO.
Answer by jociz
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
I would say PC. I grew up with a PC, but in middle school there was nothing but Mac computers. They were hard to work and I couldn't send myself my homework, do projects on it, etc. Also PCs are cheaper, smarter, just better. I heard windows 7 was pretty good. This is my opinion but I hope you can make a good choice! :)
Answer by PopGarbStank
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
It really depends on your intended use. Drafting programs and more stable platform probably a Mac. If your more into games or wanting to go to college for papers and stuff you might find a PC more friendly as your teachers are probably going to be using word or a similar program. I think bang for your buck you get more out of a PC
Answer by Jonas2W
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
MAC ALL THE WAY they last way longer and never get viruses, they are fast, fun, and have great softwear.
Answer by 2005Africa
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
Anyone who has a Mac will never go back- trust me it's so much better than the slow buggy pc
Answer by WoWoholicsAnonymous
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
It really depends on what you want the computer for. I have a PC for gaming, everything else I use my Mac for.
Answer by jaraha
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
PC 1. More power for the price 2. You can run MUCH more software on a PC 3. PCs are much easier to upgrade hardware wise if needed. 4. These people seem to keep repeating the untruth that "Macs can't get viruses" which is of course untrue. I had several viruses on my old iBook years ago. Macs are less susceptible to viruses only because Windows PCs command the vast majority of the market share therefore most viruses are created to target Windows, but there are several excellent (and even free) antivirus protection programs that will virtually eliminate the need for worry 5. Just read what pro Mac users say to defend Apple even on this question alone. They're cool, cool graphics, look nice, etc. All superficial and vague descriptions that do not comment whatsoever on performance and value per dollar spent. Most Mac users I've known have no idea what components are even in their system 6. High end hardware is readily available in PCs, Macs lag behind. Just for example, you cannot get an iMac Core i7 for less than $2100 if you check the Apple store. That's just for the standard low end version. A Windows Core i7 standard would cost you about half. That's just a ridiculous ripoff. The only edge Mac has is that their machines tend to 'look prettier' on the surface 7. Honestly, Macs are for people who don't know much about computers and want something that looks cool and edgy without regards to what is actually under the hood And...to dispel all the myths said here: Macs are not 'faster' and do not have 'better graphics'. Speed and video performance are dependent on the CPU and video card which of course are not PC or Mac specific. That varies from computer to computer of course, and model to model. A PC will smoke a Mac at the same price though Macs CAN and do of course get viruses sometimes A Mac is not better for graphics or music. Software is what runs these applications and all high end programs are available on both. They're equal here Macs do not necessarily 'last longer'. I've had both and have seen no discernible difference in quality
Answer by specialfx34
Question on : Which would you choose - Mac or PC?
Answer by Dagdus
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