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What laptop brand to get?

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I'm thinking between Toshiba, Sony, Asus, HP, or Dell?

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Question on : What laptop brand to get?
Apple mac or sony Vaio If u have the money and u don't need it 4 games go for the mac for sure
Answer by Ccom
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
I prefer HP or Dell. I've owned both and haven't had any trouble with either. I've heard Sony is a good brand, but you're kind of just paying for the name. A lot of Sony laptops have average specs, but cost $100-$200 more than, lets say, an HP would with the same specs. A lot of people like Toshiba, but everybody I knew with one has had trouble with them. I wouldn't recommend Toshiba, but that's not to say it's a bad brand. I don't know much about Asus. It just really depends on the computer.
Answer by Ctownbro
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
In my experience (I'm a Sr. Software Engineer and have owned MANY laptops) the best laptop to get is a Dell. Every HP laptop I've ever owned lasted less than 18 months before something went way wrong and I've had to replace it. Also used to teach programming classes at ITT Tech and I can't tell you how many students I've heard complain that their HP bit the dust. Also (and I think everyone agrees here), Compaq is made by HP, and is one of the worst laptop's you can get. Visit any repari shops and you will see the majority of the laptops they are working on are Compaqs, followed by HP. I've never owned Toshiba, Samsung, IBM so I can't vouch for them. At this point I only buy Dell and ASUS laptops, never had a proglem with them. Whenever friends or family ask, which is fairly often, I tell them to buy a Dell or ASUS and I've never had any complaints. You can usually get a smoking deal on an ASUS and they are pretty famous for making great motherboards. However, how much you spend on the laptop can be more important than what brand you by. In general you get what you pay for. A $1000 laptop will generaly be made of better parts and last longer and stay current for longer, though this is only true if you make sure you are getting a good deal on the laptop in the first place. In general I usually try to get the best laptop I can for around $1500.
Answer by DatBiensche
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
Now from which manufacturer should I get my PC from? - HP, Dell, or ASUS However, I recommend HP and Dell the most. HP - Entertainment, Gaming, Work, Online Browsing, Powerful Speed and Performance, plus many other things.. Basically call it an All-In-One PC Manufacturer. Another great benefit is that, they can put all this into portable sized laptops and, furthermore, make those laptops look stylish and great. Dell and ASUS - They are very similar because they each create PCs separately for each and different categories of PC usage. Meaning, they build one for gaming, one for entertainment, one for work, etc. -Dell - Dell can overprice many of their products, and is a reason why I would rather go with ASUS. Dell doesn't fail however, I still tend to not like them. If you're looking for an average computer, they're best computer, yet, is their Aspiron 15. You won't need their Alienware. -ASUS - I like ASUS and HP. ASUS can make great computers and they can even make All-In-One PCs too, depending on how you treat their computers. They do make great gaming laptops, great entertainment PCs, laptops used for only work, or they can make all-in-one's, but not as great as HP. ASUS's gamings laptops, are built with many great parts in the market to give you a great gaming experience, for why they call their gaming laptops Gaming Laptops. So, now that you got the info on the manufacturers. Go and look for that right PC just for you. Now with Windows 7's release, required specs may have changed and I will give them to you: Minimum: Memory - 3 GB RAM (4 GB Recommended) Hard Drive - 250 GB RAM (320 GB + Recommended) Processors - Any Intel Processors that rate over 3 stars. This includes the: Intel 2 Core Duos Intel Quad Core Intel i7's or i5's. Soon to be i9's. I hope I helped you with all this information. Good luck finding that PC. Oh, and Toshibas and Sony are definitely not good for laptops, to be honest.
Answer by Tharvos
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
It all depends on what you want in a laptop. HP is the leading laptop brand , they have been known for their service, and are great all around laptops. Sony is a more expensive brand, but they are very powerful. Sony is good for gaming and other things that entail high performance computers. I recommend you buy your laptop at Bestbuy. Just tell them what you need in your laptop and they will find the right one for you.
Answer by kitaro
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
Any configuration containing Intel Chip set and dual core processor 4 GB RAM and 500GB Hard Disk, Better in my eyes will be asus or HP.
Answer by MazzaTello
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
Have 2 Toshiba very good no problems. I have never been disappointed with anything Sony. I have had friends who have problems with Dell
Answer by Andrea1491to
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
toshiba...faster processor more RAM, meaning able to open many applications at once, try to get satellite if you can afford, more agile hardware system.
Answer by Veetina
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
HP And wait till Christmas or maybe try getting one Monday, black friday sales are off but "cyber monday" may have SOME good deals, can't guarantee anything outrageous. Try looking @ slickdeals.net for deals from now on, you're welcome, you'll appreciate it when you realize the gift I've given you.
Answer by Lauren
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
To me, you shouldn't check the brand. You should check what contains inside the laptop like the processors and video cards. Brand will not determine which laptop is good.
Answer by alterbr33d
Question on : What laptop brand to get?
get dell! its awesome! and you can get it in loades of colours.. mines bright blue!! xx
Answer by 7243624627647
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