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A good free Anti virus?

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Help people my computer has lots of viruses in it and when ever i plug in my ipod to itunes and try to sync it my computer restarts! please and this anti virus keeps popping up and i think thats a virus, please someone give me a link to a good free anti virus that will really kill those viruses, free please.

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Question on : A good free Anti virus?
many free anti-spyware software has some limitation ,so if you want to detect and uninstall a keylogger,i suggestion you buy a one ,it more convenience and better,it just one time paying and the price is not high,i have used SpyNoMore,it can found every kelogger that the common antivirus can't found and uninstalled,i feel so good ,maybe you can try it http://www.converter123.com/Other-Software/Other_Tools/SpyNoMore.html
Answer by cocoloco4922
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
Right now you should go too www.download.com, this is trusted sight that half a million users have used for antivirus programs, disc cleaning tools, malware removing tools etc... in 2009 computer experts estimate that 61% of internet surfers encounter malware/adware and dont even know it... adware/malware is a huge problem and it is overlooked as computer users tend too focus on viruses... so too tackle the problem one must attack this from 2 angles... you should go too download.com and download malwarebytes anti malware removal tool as well as avast antivirus ( home edition) the combo of both will offer you complete protection against all forms of security threats! you can be confident that www.download.com is a trusted site and you will find that using both offers you outstanding protection 2nd too none! i have had avg, mcaffee, norton, kaspersky and nothing compares ( 2 computers crashed with the paid programs) too avast and malwarebytes! the 2 have increased my security tenfold... in the years previously i have had trojans and other adware/worms crash my computer costing me thousands of dollars in lost productivity/income and huge headaches! I have been in the middle of very productive business cycles and the next thing i know is that im told that my computer has a virus etc... ive had the popular antivirus programs that i paid for assuming they were the best over the freebies.... WRONG! i had terrible virus attack that crippled my system and had worms that replicated in my system after being removed.... this went on for 4 days removing, running scans etc... only too replicate itself in my files and crash my system... the frustrating thing is that AVG could not remove a 3yr old trojan virus.. I googled the virus by its name looking for solutions? and every blog or piece of info that i found stated that AVG does not and cannot remove the 3yr old virus! this was especially frustrating as avg tells you that theyre antivirus database is updated daily with new virus info too combat any threats too your system... not! i was shocked too see that avg could not remove a virus that was 3yrs old.. and later that day the computer crashed! i was then screwed that day as my business depended on my computers for productivity etc... i was literally losing cash by the minute, the hour, the day etc.. then i had too go out and purchase a new laptop, then a 2nd one... so, too fix the problem and too minimize the virus attacks, adware/malwrare etc.. i went too www.download.com and i have literally not had one infection in a year! its easy, just go too www.download.com and download avast home edition and malwarebytes antimalware etc.. once you have it downloaded, you should run the malwarebytes antimalware... and it will run a long time, like an hour or so as you will surprised how much garbage that is in your computer and it will remove it all.. the subsequent scans will only take 8 mins.. i run it just after powering on my computer..... a quick scan is sufficient... you should keep this tool as it is top notch and very effective, best in the business.. also, then run the avast, it is slow but yet very effective detecting 96 percent of the viruses and threats.... so, there you have it... you cant go wrong! do it too it! good luck! if you have virus issues, go to safe mode and download these new tools!
Answer by aesamy
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
I changed to Avast a few months ago, I have also got superantispyware and Malwarebytes. I recently changed to Comodo firewall which seems fine and I seem to boot up quicker. They are all free for personal use and I have had no trouble with Viruses Trojans Hackers etc. I also use Windows Defender from the Microsoft site. It is safe to use two anti-spy products but never use more than one A/V as it can cause conflicts. You should run A/V and anti spy weekly. Hope this helps
Answer by dgo0118
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
You don't need just an Anti-virus program because they only search for viruses. Download all of the following free programs to defend your computer: - AVG Free 9.0 - Spybot Search and Destroy - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - SpywareBlaster - Panda Anti-Rootkit - Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - ZoneAlarm Firewall - CCleaner - Auslogics Disk Defrag - Secunia PSI - Windows Live Onecare Online Safety Scanner - Mozilla Firefox - WOT addon - Adblock Plus addon - AVG LinkScanner addon (comes separate and with AVG Free) - NoScript addon - LinkExtend addon - Viral Threat Level addon - AVG Security Toolbar (comes with AVG, not a necessity) and by the way, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is not a ******* anti-virus, it doesn't scan for most viruses, stop recommending it for a virus remover, it removes malware and spyware.
Answer by Mad
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
i'm using avast home edition . The new version has been released on their website. It s a freeware. You can register yourself on the avast website to recive the registration key . They provide timely updates (small in size, ie. In kb's. Which s usefull for people with limited internet plans ). It s fully legal n it generates a virus recovery database to report avast about the new viruses . To detect n delete malwares on your comp use malware bytes .
Answer by Jantjuh69
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
Avira is a good antivirus, Try avira personal www.avira.com
Answer by mriamy
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
first you should go the onecare, supported by MS. It will scan your computer for all kinds of things including viruses and clean them up. then you usually get free antivirus from your internet provider. if not, there are many deals where you buy the antivirus software and get a 100% rebate.
Answer by cretedog97
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
www.free-av.com its almost rated #1 (try to quarantine the viruses) its more effective that way.. also try "antimalware bytes" both free and effective! http://www.malwarebytes.org/
Answer by dunitlol
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
AVG... Try also to install some anti Trojan... Just google.
Answer by littledrugaddict
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
Avast is good. You should try it out. I am also using it.
Answer by 8TBALL
Question on : A good free Anti virus?
norton is a good free anti virus http://norton-symantec.co.uk/free-trials i have used norton they are good
Answer by Explaced
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