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Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?

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Do we learn particular lessons when we put ourselves in degrading positions? Is this necessary for us grow? Can we ever truly know ourselves if our ego has never been tested?

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Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
I think what you are talking about is better described as "humbling", not "degrading". To be humble is a choice the person makes, and a situation one allows oneself to be placed in, voluntarily. And yes, it is a tremendous growth experience. Consider that a person must have humility to join the military and serve others, to be a nursing professional in hospice and pediatric care, to SERVE anyone, one must have some level of humility. Degradation is what another does to you without your consent. A rapist attempts to degrade his victim. A bully attempts to degrade their victim. I say attempt, because the victim can make the choice not to become degraded despite the others best attempt. I don't believe you can learn as much from degradation, since it's often forced upon the person, as one can from purposely choosing to be humble.
Answer by One Real Isabelle
Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
The natural by-product of experience is growth, but to purposely degrade oneself is counterproductive. When our egos are never tested, there is tunnel vision and a lack of empathy and sensitivity towards others, but the testing of our egos is sometimes beyond our mortal understanding until it is viewed retrospectively and introspectively. Truly knowing oneself is actualization in progress, an on-going, lifelong process.
Answer by Daisy
Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
its not always good to degrade yourself, because then you are going against your better judgment. What you're saying here is; if your judgment is wrong or misguided, then don't seemingly degrading actions shed light on your ignorance? If this is the case, and your embarrassment is based on silly cultural expectations or whatever, then degrading yourself can lead to a better judgment in the future and be a good growing experience. All I'm really saying is; don't go around trying to degrade yourself by, lets say, blowing your nose into your hands. I know this example is strange, but it shows that sometimes there is little to gain from such an event. You may realize that the distress you place on others is not worth the learned lesson of apathy in disgrace. You have judgment for a reason: to show you what is best for yourself and others. Don't betray the good ones.
Answer by S-Fury
Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
Not sure what you're talking about - but "degrading" yourself might well be a sort of instinct to keep away from psychic inflation - or hubris - or thinking too much of yourself. We do seem to naturally tend toward balance - and if we feel we've become too overconfident, we might try to knock ourselves down a peg.
Answer by Mad
Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
Some people degrade themselves without even knowing. By being aware of the differences between what degrades you and your qualities as a person, it will help us grow and learn with understanding human quality.
Answer by salah
Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
This is a situation: Let us say that a person has learned and learned many things. But what the individual didn't know was that everything he was learning was a lie. So 25 years later he takes a test and gets a zero on it. He learns that his overconfidence has blinded himself. He also then discovers that eveything he has learned from the start of his birth has been a lie. From this situation, I say that it is essential to take tests but not necessarily degrade yourself. It is true that degrading yourself does give this higher impact to your own psychology but it may also embarass you (something that is only for the sakeof recreational humor). The point of a test, is to see if the knowledge you have required is satisfactory to the global expectations laid before you. In a sense, it can be good because it teaches you humility. On a bright side however, it teaches how not to degrade yourself that way, again ha-ha lol!!! xD
Answer by babyduck
Question on : Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
I suppose to some degree, but your ego is tested daily. In every decision you make your ego is present. we dont realize it but we are somwhat based on our ego. Now when you say degrading positions, in what aspect? Overall every person is different, somepeople learn from mistakes and such others do it redundantly. generally speaking Yes, your ego must be tested to mature.
Answer by emeba
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Is it sometimes good to degrade yourself?
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