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Car insurance question?

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Well I am doing a budget for school. I am 16 and I was wondering how much a 350z car insurance would cost when i am 25. just a rough estimate would do.

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Question on : Car insurance question?
I recommend an insurance quote Click on this link included and fill an on line insurance quote it is free and you can do it in less than 5 minutes.You will find the best rates with this company and They will tell you right after yo have done how much you will pay. Good Luck
Answer by elacomedido
Question on : Car insurance question?
Or call a couple of agents to get a range of quotes; most agents will do this for you when you explain what you need.
Answer by Zeroto
Question on : Car insurance question?
When it comes time for renewal car insurance is one of the simplest ways to save a ton of money. You can get a simple estimate online they often give you competing quotes.
Answer by alterbr33d
Question on : Car insurance question?
why worry about 25???? if obama gets done with us you wont have no 350z you will be riding the local lite rail with the other 80 odd people/along with waiting in line for doctor and food stamps
Answer by yannis5001
Question on : Car insurance question?
As soon as you marry and turn 25,your premiums drop dramatically.They figure the wife will keep the man from stupid stunts and by 25,he's more mature behind the wheel.2 door sports coupes cost the most to insure,family minivans or sedans the least.
Answer by littledrugaddict
Question on : Car insurance question?
You are better off checking it online. Just put your birthday like you are 25 now.
Answer by 44katty
Question on : Car insurance question?
I think people who fall alseep at the wheel is a big cause also drink and drugs,, Its easy to stand up and point at speeding.. But its not always the case yes it does cause accidents but there are other factors then just speeding... I believe people falling asleep at the wheel is a big problem..and also drink driving and just human error... There is a speed camera on the M11 which as been proven since it was installed there the accident rate as gone up so what does that tell you?
Answer by Kameron
Question on : Car insurance question?
although they brainwash us into believing crap like that that actually isn't true it's poor bad inconsiderate driving thats the cause of majority of deaths, idiots who don't pay attention or generally drive like idiots Theres no such thng as breaking the speed limit that naturally causes danger or death, any speed kills, its about appropiate speed that makes the difference inappropiate speed (going too fast for the road conditions) inconsiderate driving like tailgating, driving excessively slow forcing others to take risky overtakes, idiots who pull out in front of you, it's just idiots like that that are the cause, not people breaking speed limits you can't measure safe driving in mph so it isn't fair putting limiters on its about good driving, not twatish cops who brainwash us otherwise no such thing as saying theres a 20% chance of death at 30mph or a 80% chance at 40mph no such thing as breaking distance at 35mph being double that at 30mph they're just brainwashing us as an excuse to do us for 1mph over and they really think watchin our speedometers more oftne than the road ahead and our surroudnings is safer well I personal would disagree entirely (btw im not meaning to rage at you personally at all m8) just expressing my views on the police and goverment over how ridiculous they really get good driving is all about concentration, good judgement and consideration not worrying about driving at a certain number of mph or wt the limit is regardless of how inappropaite the limit is for the road Oftne they're too high or too low for the conditions, rarely a perfectly rightful set speed it's like saying its safer to do 70mph on a busy motorway in heavy snow, ice and fog than doing over 90 on a wide long straight lit up open motorway in the dead of the night thats dead quiet or to do 30mph being distracted or do 35-40mph and NOT be distracted so you'll beable to brake even sooner b4 actually hitting the person or object
Answer by Boly
Question on : Car insurance question?
No matter how many safety devices you install in a vehicle, the speeding rate will remain constant or rise. It is not the safety factor of the car that causes accidents, it is the intelligence of the driver that does. Intelligent drivers drive defensively and safely, dumb ones don't. The safest car in the world being driven by a care less driver will still be an accident looking for a place to happen. Incidentally, all those safety devices you've described have not curbed the accident rate, they've just upped the price by 20%. Good driving by all would significantly reduce accident rates. If you really want accidents to decrease, take the drunks and accident prone off the road and the problem goes away. It could be done but no one is actually going to do it.
Answer by lee
Question on : Car insurance question?
And yet another person has been brainwashed by the 'speed kills' lobby. Speeding is not the issue, poor driving is. The reason the government likes to clamp down on excessive speed, is because speed cameras make money, while proper traffic police cost money. so we now have very few full time traffic police, and they spend all their time attending accidents, rather than preventing them. This is why you see so many cars with faulty headlights or brake lights, who don't indicate properly, and just generally cause problems on the roads. It also means you can get away with driving around while drunk, in a car with bald tyres, and faulty brakes. As long as you stick to the speed limit, you won't get caught! Until you cause an accident anyway. None of the things in your list should be compulsory. infact, driver's airbags should be banned! Making the car "safer" with technology, has actually made things worse. Statistics from all around the world show that. The reason is, people will allways leave a safety margin that they feel comfortable with. Making cars safer, just means people leave a smaller safety margin.
Answer by psheezybaby
Question on : Car insurance question?
I drive a fast Mercedes-Benz, and a faster Alfa-Romeo. I have a religious respect for urban area speed-limits, 20, 30 and 40 mph zones. 50's are also places to take great care, as they are usually more built-up areas on rural routes. I have a clean licence, and an accident-free record of 26 years driving. I never drink alcohol, use a phone at the wheel, or take drugs. I DO speed however. I freely admit it. I have not caused any accidents, nor been in any, in 26 years of high-mileage driving. Is THAT an accident? Impatience, carelessness, and inconsiderate driving are what causes accidents. I once visited a BMW breakers, and there were HUNDREDS of Beemers which had ALL hit things HARD, head-on. NONE of them had been T-Boned or hit to the rear. What does that tell you about their drivers?
Answer by tomoch42
Question on : Car insurance question?
You are working from a false assumption. Most accidents are *not* caused by excessive speed. Most accidents occur at intersections, with speeds under 35 mph. 70% of crashes do not involve any injuries, just property damage, "fender denters." 99.99% of all accidents are caused by human error. If you want to fix a problem you do so by going to the source of the problem.
Answer by Mad
Question on : Car insurance question?
It's not excessive speed that causes accidents, but inappropriate speed for the prevailing conditions. Limiting cars to 70mph wouldn't stop the muppets who drive at 50 or 60 in a 30 limit - which is far more dangerous than driving at 100 mph on an empty motorway. Perhaps you'd like to go back to the days when cars were limited to 4mph, and had to have a man with a red flag walking in front of them?
Answer by roseypinkheartsftw
Question on : Car insurance question?
Speed is a result of safe driving or should be,but if you put an ape behind the wheel,well you know what happens.
Answer by SaiaMix
Question on : Car insurance question?
I do not believe most accidents are caused by excessive speed. Poor overall driving standards are the cause in most cases compounded by there being too few police on the roads to catch the idiots. A 70 mph limit would be no good as we now travel on the continent where speed limits are sensibly higher. How would you feel when the idiot beside you speeds up when overtaking and you do not have a bit extra to get by it? Seat belts are compulsory, all car have at least one air bag by law and most come with more. ABS is already a legal requirement. brake assist is a gimmick and not a lot of help. Roll bars are not necessary as car roofs are already strong enough in just about all roll over cases. Infra red sensors for what? I cannot see any application for them in cars that would aid safety.
Answer by kitaro
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Car insurance question?
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