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First time to buyer car insurance?

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I've recently passed my driving test and want to buy a second-hand car. I don't have any particular one in mind. I don't have insurance yet, but need it before I start searching for cars because I want to do a test drive. I've noticed that on the comparison sites you're required to enter information about your car, but I don't have one yet, so how can I be insured for the test drive? I'd be grateful for any help.

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Question on : First time to buyer car insurance?
There are a bunch of websites where all you have to do is fill out a short form and they will give you an estimate from a bunch of different companies. You can choose the cheapest one from there. http://www.autoinsuranceestimate.info/ is a good one.
Answer by prarieoyster
Question on : First time to buyer car insurance?
http://www.autoinsuranceestimate.info/ has a few questions and they will give you an estimate from a ton of different car insurance companies with the lowest price.
Answer by B4Bm4m
Question on : First time to buyer car insurance?
I have ever met this kind of situation before,here http://www.BestInsuranceTip.info is the resource I found useful though.
Answer by alterbr33d
Question on : First time to buyer car insurance?
You're covered under the dealer's policy when test driving; if it's a private owner and he has insurance on the car, you're also covered by that to test drive. (If he doesn't, don't drive it.) When you've decided on a car, you probably should call your parents' agent (if you're under 18, you have to, since you can't get your own) and ask for a premium quote. The type and age of car won't make much, if any, difference UNLESS you have to carry comp/collision coverage, but if you can pay cash for a beater, all cars will cost the same, provided it's not a hot sports type. Same thing if you use one of the web sites--just plug in a 'dummy' make and model for figures. If it asks for specifics, like a VIN, go on to another site, but at your age (16?), your age will be the governing factor. Once the agent binds you, or adds you to the parents' policy, you're covered to drive the car home.
Answer by kitaro
Question on : First time to buyer car insurance?
It sounds like you have a chicken-and-egg problem. I don't know the answer, but I suggest that you call a local car insurance salesman and ask them.
Answer by Axxidous
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