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Am I at fault for car accident?

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I was traveling down a country road at around 45mph, came round a blind bend and a car had stopped about 20-30 yards short of a give way, I apllied full brakes but the road was wet and I could not swerve as a car was coming the other way, so I ended up tapping the back of the car. Probably at about 5-10mph. My point being that had she stopped actually at the give way I would have stopped in time. Is this my fault? We swapped details at the time, although I don't think the person took my reg number. I didnt inform my insurance company either (not with them anymore) which was bad judgement and nether heard anything from the other person. But I have just recieved a court claim for £2000 damages. Am i screwed?

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Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
Completely your fault as you were not going at the correct speed to stop n the distance you could see was clear. If there had been 2 cars there it would have been a lot worse. As you failed to notify your insurer at the time promptly they do not have to have anything to do with it.
Answer by BYBs
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
Your fault, you should have made sure you exchanged details in full, then you should have contacted your insurance stright away, why didnt you? were you insured? because you didnt you dont have a leg to stand on, if you had you mite have being able to claim 50/50. You have to pay i'm affraid.
Answer by sponge
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
I'm afraid that you are responsible for the accident. It doesn't matter where she stopped - would it have changed if she was at the end of a queue of people waiting to change? As for your insurance company - yes you should have told them but it doesn't matter who you are insured with now. Contact your ex insurers and inform them of the accident when you were with them and they still have to deal with it. Next time, you will remember that you MUST inform your insurance company of any accidents, small or large and if nothing happens, you still have your no claims as you haven't claimed.
Answer by berkmike
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
As a general rule, as the other car was stationary you are automatically at fault. More detail would have been helpful - if details were exchanged then the claim in the first instance should have gone to your (ex) insurance company. You should certainly have been informed before any court judgement was made - to put your side of the story. What is the claim for? If it was such a little bump there could not possibly have been เธขเธƒ2000 worth of damage. Sounds to me as if someone is trying to pull a fast one, possibly she backed into something the following day and is trying to get you to pay for the damage! I wouldn't say that you are screwed - but I think you are going to have to get serious help, and a solicitor may cost more than her claim. By rights your previous insurance should cover you - but they may have some time limit, how long ago was it? You have to take all these things into account. Good Luck.
Answer by AlwaysThereForYou92
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
The law states that you must always drive at a speed which allows you to stop to avoid an obstacle. After a blind bend there could be anything, so you must be prepared for it. Of course that doesn't really work in practise but unfortunately, as you put it, you are screwed.
Answer by VayneTheUndying
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
Pretty much, for threereasons 1, you will ALWAYS be held responsible when you drive into the back of another vehicle, PERIOD 2, you will ALWAYS be held responsible when you drive into a stationary vehicle, PERIOD 3, you should drive at a speed that will allow you to stop in the distance that you can SEE to be clear, taking account of the road conditions. Even though on this country road the limit is technically 60mph, you should be driving at a speed that will allow you to stop. Regardless of where a vehicle is stopped, it is impossible to prove to a courts satisfaction that an unmoving vehcile caused a collision with a moving one. pay up, and count yourself lucky this is only a civil action. Had the other driver phoned the police, you'd have been reported for failing to stop, report, remain, and likely driving without due care and attention. Your old insurance company is however still liable for the damages
Answer by orlyaiman
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
Yes, you are at fault. As a driver, you have an obligation to always be able to stop in the amount of road in front of you. Be thankful this was just a car and not a child who had fallen off a bicycle. The bottom line, there's really no excuse for hitting something that isn't moving.
Answer by Bm2u
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
yea its your fault. 9 times out of 10 if you run into the back of someone then its your fault. if you had been driving at a safe speed for the road and the weather you wouldn't have hit them. look at it this way if it was a kid in the road could you have stopped?
Answer by Heatfan9
Question on : Am I at fault for car accident?
Sounds like you were uninsured so if this is the case whether you are to blame or not you are screwed because you should never have been on the road in the first place.
Answer by kitaro
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