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How can i make my skin look more flawless?

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Is there something i can put on my face to look smoother, like something natural. Or good tips on how to apply makup will also help. I have some acne scars that i really want to cover up. I dont use any makup at the moment.

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Question on : How can i make my skin look more flawless?
if you cleanse tone and moistrise also face masks with natural ingredients is best : )
Answer by B4Bm4m
Question on : How can i make my skin look more flawless?
I like to use Clinique pore minimizer make up,you can go on line and type in the search bar Clinique and you can view it there,it's worth every penny that it costs,they also make a line of products named Dermablend that a lot of people use,you can find them on line too.Hope this is of some help to you.
Answer by linda
Question on : How can i make my skin look more flawless?
A liquid foundation should give you the coverage needed to conceal any acne or acne scarring on the face. If you are willing to pay more try Cargo liquid foundation available at Sephora or Ulta. It`s the most amazing miracle foundation! My sister who has moderate to severe acne uses this every day and it`s a God sent for her. You can`t even tell she has acne. This is priced at $32 but totally worth every penny, because no drugstore foundation can cover this well. Tips for applying: squeeze out a dime sized amount and rub into circular motions on the forehead, nose and cheeks until all areas are covered. Make sure to blend all the way down past the neck to avoid getting a line of foundation on the jaw. BTW, the foundation is used by the actresses on Desperate Housewives that`s how good it is! Hope I helped!
Answer by Lauren
Question on : How can i make my skin look more flawless?
Cleanse, tone and moisturize! And use a facial scrub 2-3 times a week. This itself will help to keep skin clean, fresh and smooth. You need a good foundation! My advice would be to go to your nearest drug store and sample a few brands, one tip is not to sample it on your hand do it on your jaw line as your hand and face are not the exact same colour. It depends on what look your aiming for, i.e daytime, night, special occasion, etc.. For daytime, apply foundation to clean, moisturized skin. Apply with a sponge in layers (build it up as necessary, for night time you may want a few extra layers) Next, apply a loose (possibly translucent) face powder with a large brush all over the face- this reduces shine and evens out your foundation. Apply mascara to top lashes (and bottom if you like). Again build it up in layers and do more layers for night time if desired. If you wish to use eyeshadow then try to go for neutral colours for daytime i.e beiges, creams, browns, soft colours..and darker colours for evening look. Liquid eyeliner really emphasizes the eyes too..apply to the upper eyelid try to get as near to the roots of your lashes as possible. Bronzer/blusher is great for highlighting cheekbones too, apply with a medium/large brush to the apples of your cheek and foolow the cheekbone up into your hair line. Finish off with lipstick or lip gloss Or both =) If you choose to use lipstick though, be sure to use a lip liner first to prevent lipstick 'bleeding' (smudging out of the lip line). Lip liner should be similar colour to your lipstick. Hope this helps and doesn't sound too confusing =)
Answer by aesamy
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