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What happens when a stolen car is purchased?

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I recently had my car stolen. It's a very hard thing to deal with especially since it's a very expensive car. It was a Mercedes Benz S550 and I had spent a little over $95 thousand on it. I live in Los Angeles and the LAPD have told me that there are so many car thefts that it's almost impossible to find stolen cars. Insurance covers the cars cost but what's important to me is that inside the car I had some family pictures and some of mother and fathers personal belongings that I'd like returned... Is there any chance the thief is stupid enough to try and sell the car?

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Question on : What happens when a stolen car is purchased?
Most likely the car has already been parted out and all your personal belongings are trashed. A stolen vehicle in the US won't be able to be sold as a whole car. Unfortunately, unless the car is recovered as a stolen vehicle in a very short time (unlikely), your stuff is gone.
Answer by robmaki1988
Question on : What happens when a stolen car is purchased?
The car may be exported. i live in tx and 85% of stolen (nice) cars are sent to latin american countries. You most likely will never see it in your state if it still in the country and if the car went to a chop shop its parts will be sold to body shops... Im in the car biz in many ways and fenders and hoods engines wheels etc can be dismantled and sold for half the price and to he who has not paid for the car... well thats 100% profit... but that car is gone. if they did not find it in 48 hours your pretty sure that it does not exist any more. your car is real fancy and would stick out if someone was driving in around...
Answer by keishi
Question on : What happens when a stolen car is purchased?
If it was stolen by a pro its gone. Either shipped over seas or chopped up.If it was for joy ride its in a lake some where.My Show truck stolen last month. Got it back wish I had not .It was in a lake and they dented every panel sh#t in it twice Insurance will pay for it but I do not want the truck any more . Just feels gross and not right now. It sucks but move on and learn never to keep anything you really want to keep in your car.
Answer by smajuver
Question on : What happens when a stolen car is purchased?
Sadly, a chop shop has your car in bits and pieces and they just dump any personal belongings that have no value to them. You will probably never see your stuff. Just thank God you are okay, and you weren't in the car, no one was hurt. You have your health (and wealth, it sounds like).
Answer by JohnWelsch
Question on : What happens when a stolen car is purchased?
I hate to brake it to you but your cars probably been broke down and sold for parts already.
Answer by 8AxelTheDesolator8
Question on : What happens when a stolen car is purchased?
With a high-end car like that, one of two things have most likely happened: 1. Sold to a chop shop and is now in pieces. 2. Exported to South America, Asia, or Eastern Europe where its lack of a title certificate is of no local concern. Cars like that aren't stolen by joy-riders unless the keys were left in it as it takes a professional thief to get past the anti-theft system. Any personal items in it were chucked in the dumpster. Sorry, but those are the cold, hard realities.
Answer by boatsdontfloat
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