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Is it possible to be too good looking?

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There are many good looking people in the world, but occasionally there are people who are practically 'perfect' (if it's politically correct to say such a thing). People who are just naturally gorgeous, having had very little or no plastic surgery. A good example in the Hollywood industry would be Jennifer Connolly, Sophia Bush and (to a lesser extent) Colin Farrell.

But, is it just me, or is there something slightly unattractive about people who are too perfect? Even if their looks are 100% natural, there is something a bit off putting about either being completely symmetrical, and / or having every single bit of your appearance look perfect (eg perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect makeup, no wrinkles anywhere on your body etc).

You'd be afraid to make love to that type of person (not necessarily a star, but someone with 'perfect' natural looks), because it would be like making love to a store mannequin, or china doll or something like that :)

Anyway, your opinions please.

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Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
I agree with you there - the idea of 'perfect' is so hyped up nowadays and due to the media etc good looks are seen as vital and therefore it does seem unsettling sometimes seeing someone naturally 'perfect'. The view that perfect things are often 'too good to be true' is shared among most people, and therefore when you see someone perfect it can scare you off. For one, in virtually all people I suppose it would trigger a self-esteem issue where you wonder 'am i good enough?' and therefore bring back that high-school hierarchy where people are seen in different leagues due to popularity or APPEARANCE, as seen here, and you can't punch above your weight or whatever. Also good looking people are almost always confident due to the fact they are attractive and know it - and therefore this confidence shows off their good looks more, and makes other people see their attractiveness (we've all seen this work - ever known someone who thinks they're all that and therefore everyone around them believes it too, then years later you usually realise they weren't that great, you were just deluded by their confidence?). Anyway this confidence often leads to arrogance or *********, or other 'flaws of the personality' and therefore when you see someone ridiculously attractive, these connotations may come to mind as you think 'it must be too good to be true' or 'yeah they're attractive and everyone knows it, they must know it too'. Katherine Jenkins apparantly said smth once about how it was difficult to make it when you are attractive and this kinda adds to this argument - people who are too attractive are not taken seriously, she claimed (however denies it now after being criticised in Katie Piper's My Beautiful Friends show). It encourages the obsession with looks that this society is suffering from to be around beautiful people, as you sometimes compare yourself to them and feel bad about yourself being around them - meaning sensitive people etc will stay away from super attractive people, as will people with any self-esteem issues (and a little self-esteem issue is normal in most people i think). Anyway the kind of people who are interested in these people may often be obsessed with looks themselves - either to make themselves feel good about themself or in a slightly arrogantly, however in probably a more superficial way. Any superficial people focused on the pure 'beauty' of a person will almost always lack the substance to hold a serious relationship even with a 'perfect' person and therefore the attractive person is at a disadvantage. The 'unattainable prize' they may be seen as by their peers mean they could end up lonely, as many people are scared off by their ''perfectness' - what makes everyone special, is the little flaws which add personality to their character, and I think that's something a beautiful person lacks and therefore must have a strong personality to make up for it or they could be branded superficial.
Answer by sotana
Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
I don't necessarilythink that a naturally perfect looking person can be unattractive, to be honest i think thats extremly attractive knowing that she/he has had no plastic surgery and it's all natural. Personally i think it's unattractive for someone to look perfect but just knowing that she/he has had so much plastic surgery, i don't know i just find it fake and unattractive because it's not the way the actually look, it's just some person changing aspects or features of their body to make them look more attractive. That's just my opinion anyway and i also find that confidence is what makes a person attractive. Hope i've helped. :)
Answer by Hyker
Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
my wife is naturally beautiful and always looks perfect (even in the morning) and i dont find it the least bit unattractive........lol, its not like making love to a mannequin, or china doll...good looking people have feelings and emotions as well you know
Answer by s90
Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
That's a very interesting question. I guess to some extent, some people can be so symmetrical as you said, that they begin to look unreal. I once knew a guy that I couldn't stand looking in the face, because it was so perfect. I kind of felt as though I wasn't looking at a real person.
Answer by nina
Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
Well if there's something off putting about them then obviously they aren't perfect in the first place. In my opinion to be perfect you have to seem perfect to literally everyone out there, and as long as one person dislikes them, even somewhat, then they aren't really perfect. As for your actually question..possibly. Tt depends on your ideals. If you value someone not only for their qualities (physical or mental) but for their flaws also, they can still be perfect, to you as an individual, but to everyone else as just flawed.
Answer by kpla
Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
people still care about physical appearance? I thought the care of how someone looked was suppose to disappear back in highschool. I'll answer your question very simply. We as humans like symmetry. We prefer to eat a tomato that's normal shaped than to eat a tomato that is triangular. The same applies to humans. Someone's physical attributes are a manifestation of their genes. Beautiful people have very few mutations in their genes, meaning if you were to reproduce with them, you'd have healthy offspring. Humans instinctually WANT healthy offspring (even though a lot of us have sex with contraceptives, lol). So yes, there is no such thing as too perfect. The more perfect the better haha
Answer by uba
Question on : Is it possible to be too good looking?
i used to think you had to be born good looking also. when i was in high school its fair to say i wasnt good looking. until i saw someone that inspired me. since i saw this person, i decided to dress nice ALL the time, i did my hair nice all the time, i exercised a lot and took a real deliberate attempt to try and be better looking. by the end of senior year girls who never gave me a chance told me " i would so pick u up now u look so hot these days" from that day on i knew that being good looking was something anyone can attain. also, there are plenty of ugly celebrities who look awesome on camera with makeup etc. do the same thing. instead of makeup, use skin cleansers or age defiant cream. Source(s): no lie. this was my exact question some years ago. its all about presentation and confidence
Answer by kenya
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