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What do Japanese people REALLY think about Chinese people today? No, I mean, like, really.?
Question By : koba
Why are RAF pilots given top priority for BA jobs? Is this really fair?
Question By : lizard
What is the best state "mo7afazah" in Egypt to live in ?
Question By : okbye1
Why don't people like Israel?
Question By : IggyHazard
If you could live in either France, Germany, Italy, or Spain, which country would you choose?
Question By : Erygzuss
Which of these 3 middle eastern countries should I visit?
Question By : riceicles123
Do you think itย
Question By : psheezybaby
Question By : as3
Is it possible to walk to Narita International Airport in Tokyo on foot?
Question By : corosequis
Where can i get a list of every Zip/Postal Code in the United states?
Question By : CodyfromGrimsby
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